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What are Angels?

An angel is a high spiritual being created by God the Divine Source, the Ultimate Source, ALL THAT IS to guide, protect and help us, Angels are God's Creation.  

Unconditional love springs from this source, that means there is no conditions to qualifying for this love. 

The angels love to help us and they have actually help me in all that I do including putting this website together. JUST ASK. 

It matters to the angels that you are here learning that they can help you help you can ask them directly.

A Hierarchy of Angels

A brief description of the Angelic Groups

Seraphim - The Seraphim are the highest order of angels such as Ariel, Azrael, Cameal, Cassiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Mumiah, Nathaniel, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Sandlephon, Uriel and Zadkiel.

Cherubim - The Cherubim are the angels of wisdom.

Thrones - The Thrones look after and protect the planets.

Domnations - The Dominions are like celestial managers they have the responsibility of overseeing those under them in the angelic hierarchy.

Virtues - The Virtues are the miracle makers who transmit light in a form which we humans can receive.

Powers - The Powers, from this order come the Angels of Birth and Death.

Principalities - Principalities  look after and protect cities, nations, multinational corporations and any very large group of people.

Archangels - Archangels are in charge of the angels, healers and also miracle makers on Earth.

Guardian angels - Angels are our guardians on Earth.

and finally Angels - that are with us constantly. 


Angel Names And Meanings

The names and meanings of the seraphim/archangels I have mentioned  are:

Ariel “Lion Or Lioness Of God”
Azrael “Whom God Helps”
Barachiel (Barkiel) “Lightening Of God”
Camael “He Who Sees God”
Cassiel “Knowledge Of God”
Chamuel “He Who Sees God”, “He who seeks God”
Gabriel “Strength Of God”; “The Divine Is My Strength”;
“God Is My Strength”, “Messenger Of God”
Haniel “The Grace Of God”, “Glory Of God”
Jeremiel “Mercy Of God”
Jophiel “Beauty Of God”
Metatron (Formerly Known As The Prophet Enoch), “He Who Occupies The Throne Next To The Divine Throne”, “Of God”
Michael “He Who Is Like God”, “Like Unto God”, “Who Is Like The Divine”
Nathaniel “God Has Given”
Raguel “Friend Of God”
Raphael “Healing Power Of God”, “The Divine Has Healed”, “God Heals”
Raziel “Secrets Of God”
Sandalphon Formerly The Prophet Elijah “Of God”, “The Love And Peace Of God”
Seraphiel “Light Of God”
Uriel "God Is Light”, "God's Light", “Fire Of God”
Zadkiel “Righteousness Of God”, “Covering Of God”


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