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Therapies & Qualifications

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Healing Therapies and Qualifications

I have trained with many very special and powerful healers from London and America. These masters of healing have their own healing business and all of them use Divine Healing Energy in their healing systems. Not only have I been trained by these specialists in their modalities but especially by God (the Creator/Divine Spirit), Divinity (Which includes Jesus, Mary, St John, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Kuthumi see ascended masters) and the Archangels (see Seraphim Angels), and  my guardian angels Seraphim/Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

Along with learning healing I have been on workshops where I have been taught by many who teach internationally their Consciousness Development Programme in which they teach about evolution of our soul. Where we learn of our soul progression and what our soul plan, soul path, or what some lecturers call our existential program. Archangel Michael advised me to call it our Divine Soul Plan which you can read about on this website.

This I introduce in my healing along with other methods I use for the reconnection of our soul to the God Head...our Divine Soul mission and path. Consciousness & Astral Projection.

Healing Systems:

Healing energy channelled directly by Source Energy: God the Creator.

I am a Divine channel for God. Seraphim/Archangel, Ascended Master and Divine Prophet and these energies along with those listed below are the energies that are used in healing and divination.

Some of my Reiki certificates

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher

Some of my qualifications certificates and diplomas




  1. Usui Reiki Grand Master/Teacher level 18 - the highest at the moment. (Usui Reiki Master/Teacher levels 1-4, Reiki Grand Master levels 5-18),

  2. 12 Colours of Health Healing,

  3. Akashic Records to Master/Teacher Level,

  4. Angel and Harmony Stones,

  5. Angel Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  6. Ascended Master Attunement,

  7. Crystal Healing,

  8. DNA Reiki,

  9. DNA Light Integrative Practitioner (includes animal healing),

  10. Dolphin Heart Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  11. Dolphin Spirit Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  12. Dolphin Trilogy Reiki TM Master/Teacher Level,

  13. Dolphin White Wave Healing Master/Teacher Level,

  14. Dolphins of Atlantis Master/Teacher Level,

  15. Drisana - Tibetan Spiritual Energy,

  16. Guardian Angel Reiki,

  17. Holy Light Vortex,

  18. Isis Seichim Reiki Practitioner Degree (Advanced),

  19. Kundilini Reiki,

  20. Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection Master/Teacher Level,

  21. Lunar Radiance Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  22. Money Reiki Grand Master Level,

  23. Orca Empowerment Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  24. Power Wolf Essence Master/Teacher,

  25. Psychic Surgery,

  26. Quantum Touch Healing®/Advanced,

  27. Rainbow Light Healing System Master/Teacher Level,

  28. Robin Empowerment Master/Teacher Level,

  29. Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki Master/Teacher Level,

  30. Shamanic Self-empowerment,

  31. Silver and Violet Flame Healing System Master/Teacher Level,

  32. Spiritual Animal Healer Program,

  33. Triangles Healing Master/Teacher Level - MTH.R. (Master Triangles Healing Registry),

  34. UNAN Healing

Consciousness and Divination:

  1. The Way of the Shaman (journeying into non-reality reality),

  2. Psychic Skills: Clairaudience (clear hearing - A person with clairaudience has psi-mediated hearing. Rather than just hearing words, they read tones, voices and noises. They can also hear sounds that cannot be percieved by the normal human ear. They can hear the voices of the dead),

  3. Clairalience (the picks up information by means of the sense of smell either literally or emotionally),

  4. Clairgustance (the ability to taste something without out putting it in your mouth),

  5. Claisentience (clear feeling - the ability to gather information merely by touching an object or person. The ability to feel the vibrations of other peoples' moods. The ability to pick up diseases that other people have, and rather than developing an actual picture in their mind, they form a vivid feeling based on what they gather from the person or object they had touched),

  6. Claircognizance (clear knowing... is the ability to know something without knowing why or how you knew it. It's like something randomly appears in your head, and you don't quite understand how it got there -  it is one of the greatest gifts of intuition),  which include Oracle,

  7. Clairvoyance (Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about an object, physical event, or location through means other than the known human senses; it is a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP). A person who has the ability of clairvoyance is known as a clairvoyant ("one who sees clear"),

  8. Tarot Cards,

  9. Crystal Reading/Divination,

  10. Scurrying (the act of peering into either: a crystal ball, a bowl of water, stones, fire, glass, smoke, seeing visions),

  11. Remote Viewing/Objective Viewing;– the ability to see an image or a 'happening at a distance' which gives me the information that is required.

  12. Subjective viewing; the ability to see a single picture inside 'the mind's eye' that gives information,

  13. Crystal Pendulum Divination,

  14. Crystal Ball Divination,

  15. Mediumship,

  16. Psychic Development,

  17. 20 Seraphim Angel Message Reading

  18. International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) CPD1-5. Advanced (which includes Astral Travel/Out-Of-Body Experiences, Chakras, Aura, Bio-energy, Clairvoyance)

***** My Own Intuitive Reiki and Quantum Healing Systems channelled through me by God. My Reiki Level 4 qualifications also give me the right to channel new healing systems *****:

  1. 11th And 12th Dimensional Angel Healing.

  2. 20 Angels of Atlantis Healing System,

  3. Akashic Records,

  4. Angel and Ascended Master Healing for Animals,

  5. Angel Antahkarana Healing Symbol,

  6. Angel Communication,

  7. Angel Ray Healing,

  8. Archangel Michael Cutting Sealing and Healing Etheric Cords,

  9. Ascended Master Healing,

  10. Atlantean Healing,

  11. Atlantis Crystals,

  12. Auric Reading,

  13. Belief System Healing,

  14. Blue Flame Healing,

  15. Career Advice With Archangel Michael,

  16. Chakra and Aura Healing with the Seraphim from Atlantis,

  17. Chanting and Mantras,

  18. Clairaudient Activation,

  19. Clairsentience Activation,

  20. Clairvoyance Activation,

  21. Claircognizance Activation,

  22. Colour Healing,

  23. Coreself Healing,

  24. Divine Akashic Records (Past Life Regression) System,

  25. Divine Angel Reiki,

  26. Divine Source Healing,

  27. DNA Healing with Lord Kuthumi,

  28. Dolphins Of Atlantis and the Larimar Crystal Reiki Healing System,

  29. El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Abundentia,

  30. Entity Clearing with Archangel Michael,

  31. Etheric Dagger Removal,

  32. Goddess Ixchel and Archangel Raphael Healing,

  33. Gods and Goddesses,

  34. Gold Flame Healing,

  35. Gold Silver and Violet Flame,

  36. Golden Grace of God Healing,

  37. Good Fairies,

  38.  Internal Body Viewing System,

  39. Jesus Healing,

  40. Jesus, Mary and St Pio, St Francis of Assisi, Buddha, Merlin & Serapis Bey,

  41. Kundalini Reiki, Labyrinth Healing,

  42. Mayan Wisdom and Healing Energies,

  43. Melchizedek, Kuthumi and Quan Yin,

  44. Moon Healing,

  45. Mother Mary Healing,

  46. Pendulums And Crystals,

  47. Power Animals/Animal Spirit Guides: Wolf Spirit, Owl Spirit, Unicorn Spirit, Dragon Spirit, Dolphin Spirit, Whale and Orca Spirit, Porpoise Spirit, Penguin Spirit, Black Panther Spirit (Panther), Jaguar Spirit, Leopard Spirit, Cheetah Spirit, Horse Spirit, Crow/Raven Spirit, Scarab Spirit, Blackbird Spirit, Eagle Spirit, Butterfly Spirit, Python Spirit, see Power Animal web page,

  48. Quantum Divine Energy Healing,

  49. Saints,

  50. Seeing and Hearing the Angels,

  51. Shamanic Drum,

  52. Shamanic Reiki Drumming,

  53. Shamanic Healing,

  54. Shamanic Soul Retrieval,

  55. Shamanism,

  56. Shape Shifting,

  57. Sound and Toning Healing,

  58. Sound Therapy,

  59. Stem Cell Healing,

  60. Sun Healing with Archangel Raphael (God Ra),

  61. Umbilical Cord Healing,

  62. Universal Healing,

  63. White Cord Healing.


Cynthia Angela Soal
 Accredited Associate member of the
Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches

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