Are you STRESSED? Are you DEPRESSED? Are you EMOTIONAL? Are you finding it HARD to communicate? Do you have a problem motivating yourself? Have you been injured? Are you recovering from an operation? Are you suffering pain and NOTHING seems to relieve the PAIN? Are you always getting colds and flu?Are you STRESSED? Are you DEPRESSED? Are you EMOTIONAL? Are you finding it HARD to communicate? Do you have a problem motivating yourself? Have you been injured? Are you recovering from an operation? Are you suffering pain and NOTHING seems to relieve the PAIN? Are you always getting colds and flu? If so book a healing appointment

Divine Source Healing
Directly Channelled by God

Angel Reiki
Usui Reiki, Shamanic Healing

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Cynthia Angela Soal is one of the highest qualified Reiki Practitioners in the world she is a Reiki Grand Master Level 18

HOW THE HEALING ENERGIES ARE CHANNELLED TO YOU THROUGH HEALING APPOINTMENTS: The energies are channelled directly to you or an animal as each person or animal has a universal ID that is kept through our/their eternal life. The healing energies will link to you/them through this universal ID no matter where you are in the world.

Reiki was channelled by God to Dr Usui the founder of Reiki when on Mt Kurama and as all Reiki is has a bases of Usui Reiki this will also be used.

Distant/Remote Healing can be received at any distance even if the client is in a different country to the healer.

Once you have booked your appointment you will be able to call in the healing energies as directed by following the instructions on this link INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECEIVING HEALING AT THE APPOINTED TIME.

If you can not make it for the appointed time you may call in the energies any time within 24 hours after the appointment time.

Relax at home and receive these wonderful healing energies which are not harmful and work in the background.

Animals can also receive healing as they also have life force energy and so does everything that is living.

Archangel Michael's healing rays beaming down on a client of mine who was receiving distant healing.

She after 3 treatments she no longer has the starting of MS she has gone back to work and no longer has a carer

Like a spiritual doctor these energies work our life purpose, relationships, world events, and more, leading you to a less stressful life and the clearing of the mind in order to allow the right answers to come to us.  

These healing energies awaken our Divine self love. We should love ourselves more and when we do, we receive more love in return guiding us to what is right for us.

The healing energies should be repeated as often as one can. Every day we are exposed to the thoughts of others no matter where we are. Often these are negative thought patterns. It is very easy to be negative, staying positive takes work - but once you make it a habit being positive becomes easier then being negative.  Love yourself enough to care about who you are and what you do.

These healing energies are directly channelled by the Divine Source and the Angelic realm.

Nearly all illnesses, if not all illnesses are due to emotions and mental stresses.
These stresses have to be healed in order for you to return a healthy mind, body, spirit and soul in other words your CORESELF

Energy healing unblocks all those stresses that life brings and allows the body energy to flow freely thus bringing healing.


(all appointments are private and confidential and follow a strict code of ethics)

Cynthia Angela Soal

Healing Qualifications


Source Energy: God the Creator.

Divine channel for God. Seraphim/Archangel, Ascended Master and Divine Prophet.

Healing Systems:

Usui Reiki Grand Master/Teacher level 18 - the highest at the moment.

(Usui Reiki Master/Teacher levels 1-4, Reiki Grand Master levels 5-18)

Angel Reiki, Akashic Records (Past Life Regression), Ascended Master Attunement, Isis Seichim Reiki, Money Reiki, Guardian Angel Reiki, Dolphin Trilogy Reiki TM, Dolphin Heart Reiki, Dolphins of Atlantis, Dolphin Spirit Reiki, Dolphin White Wave Healing, Orca Empowerment Reiki, Rainbow Light Healing System, Angel and Harmony Stones, Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection, Triangles Healing, DNA Light Integrative Healing. Robin Empowerment, Power Wolf Essence, Lunar Radiance Reiki, Holy Light Vortex, Angel Contact, Agape Reiki, Age of Aquarius, Clear the Path Reiki, DNA Healing, Drisana, Earth Blessing, Earth Energy, Eclipse Energy, Flame of Universal Love, Giving Thanks, Make a Wish Blessing, Morning Dew Reiki, Om, Psychic Protection Flame.

Healing Workshops: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher levels 1-3, The Way of the Shaman, Crystal Healing, Quantum Touch Healing®, Silver and Violet Flame Healing System, IAC (Int. Academy of Consciousness) CPD1-5.

Spiritual Workshops: Psychic Skills, Mediumship, Psychic Development, Tarot Cards.

My own healing systems:

Divine Source Healing, Jesus Healing, Mother Mary Healing, Ascended Master Healing, Angel and Ascended Master Healing for Animals, Golden Grace of God Healing, Archangel Michael Etheric Cords Healing, Archangel Michael Etheric Cords Cutting, Divine Angel Reiki, Internal Body Viewing System, Coreself Healing, Stem Cell Healing, Sound Therapy, Colour Healing, Chanting, Mantras, Belief System Healing, Shamanism, Shamanic Drum, Shape Shifting, Atlantean, Gold Flame Healing, Divine Akashic Records (Past Life Regression), 12 Colours of Health Healing System, Chakra and Aura Healing with the Seraphim from Atlantis, DNA Healing with Lord Kuthumi, Goddess Ixchel and Archangels Mumiah and Raphael Healing, Shapeshifting, Melchizedek, Kuthumi and Quan Yin, El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Abundentia, Jesus, Mary and St Pio, St Francis of Assisi, Buddha, Merlin & Serapis Bey, Saints, Mayan Wisdom and Healing Energies, Seeing and Hearing the Angels, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Good Fairies, Wolf Spirit, Owl Spirit, Unicorn Spirit, Dargon Spirit, Dolphin Spirit, Whale and Orca Spirit, Porpoise Spirit, Penguin Spirit, Black Panther Spirit (Panther), Jaguar Spirit, Leopard Spirit, Cheetah Spirit, Horse Spirit, Crow/Raven Spirit, Scarab Spirit, Blackbird Spirit, Eagle Spirit, Butterfly Spirit, Python Spirit, Power Animals/Animal Spirit Guides, Dolphins Of Atlantis and the Larimar Crystal Reiki Healing System, Pendulums And Crystals, Atlantis Crystals, Universal Healing, White Cord Healing, Umbilical Cord Healing, Quantum Divine Energy Healing, Labyrinth, Gold Silver and Violet Flame, Gods And Goddesses, DNA Healing, Etheric Dagger Removal, Cutting Cords, Clairvoyance Activation, Clairaudience Activation, Clairaudient Activation, Clairsentience Activation, Blue Flame Healing, Career Advice With Archangel Michael, Auric Reading, Entity Clearing with Archangel Michael, Labyrinth Healing, Moon Healing, Sun Healing with Archangel Raphael (God Ra), Angel Ray Healing, Oracle, Tarot Card and Crystal Reading/Divination, Shamanic Drumming, Angel Communication, Angel Antahkarana Healing Symbol, Akashic Records, 12 Angels of Atlantis Healing System, Kundalini Reiki, Sound and Toning Healing, 11th And 12th Dimensional Angel Healing.



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