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When I was in pain from my horse riding accident and having very bad headaches I looked everywhere for a treatment that would work spending over 3000 on alternative medicines and treatments which I feel all worked in some way  as they broke down the blockages in life force energy in my system, these blockages cause pain. When Archangel Michael led me to discover Reiki treatments I knew I had found something that would heal me leading to physical health improvements.

Reiki was discovered by a medical doctor who was chosen by GOD to channel a pure healing system to the world. He studied traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, numerology, astrology, psychic and clairvoyant development.

Dr Mikao Usui was born 15 August, 1865 in the Yamagata District of Gifu prefecture in a village called Yago, Japan.

Dr Usui studied Buddhism at the temple of Mt Kurama as a child. He was interested in a great many things, he was a talented hard working student. He tells me that he studied a Japanese form of Chi Kung and other forms of Oriental healing.

Reiki Accreditation: All Reiki systems should be based on the original Usui Reiki healing system and have Dr Usui's lineage on the certificate of the healer or given to them in their Reiki manual traceable back to their Reiki Master Teacher's own lineage relating to Dr Usui. Only Dr Usui's lineage is acceptable for the accreditation of Reiki healers as he is the founder of Reiki.

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Lineage: Dr Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Pat Jack, Cherie Prashun, Carol Farmer, Leah Smith, William Lee Rand, Simon Treselyan, John Watson, Judith Conroy, Linh McDermott, Cynthia Soal.

Reiki Grand Master Teacher Lineage: Roberta Rianand (founder) Margareta M. Hilmmer Melanie Fischer Zinaida Zeldin Linda Colibert Jay Burrell Cynthia Soal

My Reiki Qualifications all have the original Usui base and all of them are to Master Teacher Level and then my Reiki Grand Master Teacher lineage is added.

Reiki Level 4 gives me the wisdom and knowledge to create healing systems of my own.




Dr Makao Usui
Founder of
Usui Reiki


that everyone can follow by repeating the mantra 'Just for today...'

Dr Usui set up principles for the Reiki movement he founded. There is a westernised version of the original Usui principles, which is easy to remember and the emphasis is on 'Just for today'! It is also called the 'Reiki prayer' by some writers, and following traditional practice I think it is good to say it at least once a day to focus your mind on being a Reiki person.

Just for today, I will not anger.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.
Just for today, I will honour my teachers.

Many of these Reiki principals are basic moral codes which most of us live by without knowing Reiki, once again proving that Reiki is in all of us.

From the Reiki point of view, integrating such principles in our lives means becoming, as much as we can, clear channels of Universal Life Energy/God Source Energy which everyone can receive.

The traditional story

The traditional story relates that Dr Mikao Usui was teaching in a Christian university called Doshisha University in Kyoto back in the late 1800s, the university was founded in 1875. His students asked him if he believed in the healing miracles in the Bible. He replied that he did, the students then asked him to perform healing to help them believe. Dr Mikao Usui was not a healer. He asked church leaders, who didn't know how to heal either. He set out to learn about healing on his own. The story tells that he travelled through Japan, China, to the University of Chicago Divinity School and back to Japan.

He had failed to find the secret of healing so Dr Usui climbed Mount Kurama for 21 days to fast and meditate. As he was about to leave on the 21st day, he saw a great light approaching him from the distance. He was very afraid, but he stayed where he was and the light struck him in the forehead, where the 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra is situated.

Dr Usui was knocked unconscious but when he came to he saw millions of small glowing bubbles and the Reiki symbols were shown to him. The meaning and use of each symbol was clear to him. God had channelled the healing wisdom and knowledge to him.

Reiki is an energy that is Source Energy: God the Creator.

On his way down the mountain, Dr Usui healed his own injured toe as well as a sick little girl. Then he ate his first full meal in 21 days. He began to heal beggars in Kyoto and found that they later returned with the same illnesses. Dr Usui believed that many people held onto their illnesses because this ensured they were cared for by others, among other reasons. He also found that because they did not pay for their treatment they did not take it seriously and returned to Dr Usui many times for the same problem. This led Dr Usui to understand that treatment must include not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual aspects.  Dr Usui then passed his healing system to his chosen successor Dr Chujiro Hayashi. 

Dr Chujiro Hayashi attuned Mrs Takata to Reiki Level III Reiki Master/Teacher, who then attuned her grand daughter Mrs Phyllis Furumoto. Mrs Hawayo Takata never referred to herself as 'Grand Master' although her students did so and this was perpetuated into a belief among Reiki Alliance members around 1982-83.

Dr Mikao Usui

He liked to read and his knowledge of medicine, psychology, fortune telling and theology of religions around the world, including the Kyoten (Buddhist Bible) was immense.  There was a large University library in Kyoto, and Japanese sources believe that he would have done most of his research there, where sacred texts from all over the world would have been held.

He studied traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, numerology, astrology, psychic and clairvoyant development.

Usui also took Zen Buddhist training in 1922 for about 3 years. Many different spiritualist/healing groups were in existence at the time, Usui attended 'Rei Jyutsu Kai'. Today this organisation consists of psychics, clairvoyants and the most spiritual monks and nuns in Japan. 

Usui became a successful businessman around 1914 he went to meditate at Mount Kurama, undergoing a 21 day regime of meditation and fasting. The fast is called 'The Lotus Repentance', which comes from Tendai Buddhism.

During his meditation on Mt Kurama the Reiki energy entered his Crown Chakra and he found that he could heal without draining his own energy.

Dr Usui spent 7 years in Kyoto and opened a Kyoto school in Tokyo. He trained about 2,000 students to practitioner level (Level II Okuden) and about 16 to Master/Teacher Level III (called Shinpi Den in Japanese).

Dr Usui founded a Reiki Society called Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. It has had 6 presidents since his death on 9th March 1926.

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