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With Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael guiding me to the best workshops and training I trained in mediumship, development circles and psychic work at the Spiritual Association of Great Britain (SAGB) London where mediumship was first introduced to the public by them in 7 February 1872. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael are always with me when I do mediumship or psychic and tarot card reading appointments as they my guardian angels and all souls know them throughout our eternal lives. They give unconditional love to all that come through to us and they do the same to those taking the appointment and this includes the pets that have passed over, they are also with us.

As much as we would love everyone to live forever, the physical body does not allow this. There are many reasons for a person passing over and they are not always understood.

Our soul journeys through many life times as eternal souls, experiencing what it needs to know. If we take it that everything that happens is meant to happen, and each soul is an individual existing for the evolution of their own soul, then more understanding of our individual Divine soul path is understood.

We cannot keep individual souls alive because we love them so much that we do not want them to go. We need to let them go on their individual soul journey celebrating the fact that we had the privilege of knowing them.

Having heard and seen spirits since I was young, I know that when a person passes over, they pass over to a new way of living. They leave all worldly goods behind and rediscover a wonderful world which existed before they were born. There they meet many of their friends and relatives who passed before them. These are exciting times for them filled with love where their life is celebrated. It is also time for them to learn many new things that may not have been available to them before they passed over. Such as who they were in a past life and who their soul family is, these are usually people who they travelled through life times together with, they may have actually worked with them on earth or never met them on earth but they were in contact with them in the spirit world whilst they were still alive.

They maybe soul mates which is someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, and/or compatibility. Soul mates can have various types of relationships, which do not always include romantic love. They can be close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences a person's life one way or another. They are with us in emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental, experiences of third physical dimension as human. They can affect relationships in a positive or negative way depending on the emotional issues of those concerned. Therefore even if a soul mate needs to leave their loved ones, colleagues or friends it is very sad but they will be returning to their true home, they home they had before they went on their 'earthy mission' of eternal life to be reborn to help on earth. we all have past, present and future lives.

When we think, we are talking to ourselves we may not be, we may be talking to our angels, helpers, relatives, friends and the rest of the universe whether alive or passed over and our soul family.

As eternal beings we have lived through our own death many times and have mourned others many times, it is just fearful if we have not found the information on earth that teaches us that there is life after death. This is where going to a medium helps immensely. This is also when a person needs soul retrieval treatments as a part of their soul is 'lost' when a loved one dies, see Soul Retrieval Soul Retrieval treatments. These treatments also help their loved ones in spirit as they also have had to start all over again and part of  the soul is with those they love.

They have to learn to live as a spirit and not as a human and having their loved ones know that they are well and that they are there to be called upon and they are their in love, helps heal both the person who receives the reading and/or the Soul Retrieval treatment and the person who has passed on.

Mourning should be only for a short period of time which helps the readjustment the human who has lost their loved one still has to live their own life and illness could settle in if this person is diverted from their own life path and own soul family who are not necessary their own family members. They have their own guardian angels and their own guides, this is the same for the person who has passed over.

Through the healing qualifications that I have I also talk to spirits. Many times when a client comes to me for healing I speak to their spirit guides, guardian angels and any relatives and friends in the spirit world that they might have. The healing process not only heals the physical client but those in spirit around them.

With my guardian angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael I became a natural medium at a young age. I spoke to my grandmother at her funeral when I was 8 years of age, and one of my first sightings of a spirit was at an African grave yard in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when I was about 9 years of age. There was a small mound covered in grass and it had a small tree on top of the mound. I loved to go on 'adventures'  and loved to walk in the bush and one afternoon after school I decided explore what was around this area, I had not been there before.

1963 An African Grave Yard and African Spirit

When I was nine I was walking along the side of the village grave yard where there were a lot of bushes.  There was an old abandoned African graveyard where the Africans used to burry their dead, it was a very old graveyard not used at all but I discovered it while walking.

I picked up a piece of pottery that had been lying in the dirt in front of me, I was excited to see what it was. I often found stones shaped like they had been used by earlier bushmen that lived in caves and hunted for food. They were classed as hunter gatherers and tended to shape their weapons and hunting arrows, spears and knives out of stones.

When I looked at it, I could see it was part of an African pot which was made out of clay. The clay had a very old appearance and it seemed that it had been burnt at the bottom. This would be quite natural is there are many fires that go through the veldt during hot summers.

I wanted to see if I could find the other pieces of the pot so I looked around for more, as I did this I saw an African spirit man as he stood next to me. He asked me what I was going to do with the pot. I explained that I wanted to find out where the other pieces were and then he said to me that I should not remove the pieces as they were put there many years ago especially for the burial. Africans were buried with their best cooking pots in order for them to carry on living in the next world. I was not scared at all, it seemed quite natural to me that I should be speaking to this spirit man. I placed the piece of pot back where I found it and I never returned to that grave yard out of respect. It was hidden under the trees and overgrown grass.


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