Receiving Healing
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Please read disclaimer
(includes the code of ethics)
before booking an appointment

The energies are channelled directly to you or an animal as each person or animal has a universal ID that is kept through our/their eternal life. The healing energies will link to you/them through this universal ID no matter where you are in the world.

If you are taking this healing in conjunction with a group, the healing energies will be directed at each individual for the hour of the appointment.  The healing energies should be repeated as often as one can.

This will be done by directing the healing to your name and email address, this connects with your individual universal ID that you keep through your eternal life ie your past, present and future lives. We have cellular memory and this cellular memory carries the information of those lives.


How to receive or
call in the healing energies at your appointment time

*** Make sure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs, if you are please do not take the healing.***

It is best to receive the Healing while in a quiet meditative receptive state.

Switch off all the phones.

Close your door so as not to be disturbed.

You may play soft instrumental or meditation music but no music with voices.

Dress warmly or cover yourself with something warm unless it is very hot as healing energies can sometimes be cool instead of warm.

Get in a relaxed position in a large comfortable chair which you can not fall off if you fall asleep or you may lie down.

Concentrate on receiving your healing visualising it coming to you and surrounding you.

After you have received your healing do not worry if you fall asleep as the Divine Source and Angelic healing energies will surround you and sink in to your body cleansing your aura and your chakras, the invisible part of your body that if 'dirty', infected by toxins or negativity can cause illness. Think of these energies restoring Divine self love and what you can do to implement change in your life.

For receiving the energies on the day say the following:

I (say your name) accept this Healing being sent to me by
Cynthia Angela Soal
on this day (state the day)
in the month of (state the Month) 
the year of (state the year)
and ask that I shall receive the strongest healing energy I am able to handle for my best and highest good.
With love and gratitude.

RECEIVING FOR ANIMALS: If you are receiving healing for an animal such as horses, dogs, cats, birds any variety of pets - they are all living creatures that need love and attention like we do. All you need to do is think of them repeat the above but say but say (say 'on behalf of your animal and say your animal's name) and continue with the healing acceptance. Please make sure that that the animals have water available to drink after the healing and of course always make sure of this. By keeping them well watered, fed  and out of the heat makes them know that they are loved.

The healing energies will go directly to them, the angels and Divinity will immediately be with anyone the healing is going to, beaming in down rays of healing energy to them no matter where they are.

Always be grateful and say thank you for your/their healing.

IMPORTANT: Relax for at least an hour or more, sleep if you need to sleep, record any happenings in your evidence book or journal to honour your spirit.

Go with the flow and follow any healing and changes for your best and highest good.

If you wish to call in the healing just before you go to sleep in the evening you may do so. It will work just as well as the appointed time

Your feelings on healing day

As you sit or lie there relaxed - be aware of any changes in your body, arms, legs or head.

Things like heat, vibrations, buzzing, seeing colours, a tickling feeling on the tip of a finger or visions etc.
It is common to feel heat and/or vibrations but neither of these is necessary for the healing.

These feelings are the Divine Source healing energies that are being channelled to you.

If you feel nothing do no worry feeling something is not a prerequisite to healing. Your lack of feeling the healing energies may be the fact that your aura and chakras are very blocked.

The best way to receive a healing is not to expect anything specific to happen, just allow things happen.

When people expect anything specific, they start tensing up and missing the subtle energies are actually taking place.

Regardless of whether you feel anything at all you will still be receiving healing.

Drink lots of water after the healing
and make it a good daily habit