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Soul Retrieval

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Soul Retrieval

Energy healing, which is Divine energy or white light directly channelled by God/Divine Source/Source is the oldest form of doctoring, and is powerful ancient medicine for our times. We in many cases need to go back to retrieve what was once normal practice - our normal belief system - to retrieve our soul. 

It is possible for parts of the soul to becomes lost over our eternal life through such causes as trauma, emotions, mental exhaustion or situations that might take place through living in human for or after death as a spirit. 

Through eternal lives we have been mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, and grand parents, great grand parents and so on. This is why much of what we do is natural instinct or we have instincts about situation.

Soul retrieval focuses on locating, recovering and re-integrating lost parts of the soul and energy healing frees up the life force energy in our system which flows through our body like blood flows through our veins. When these energies are 'clogged up' our energy system will be block causing disease.

The soul also leaves the body when the person is getting treatment for cancer. The radium treatment is terrible and the soul fragment/energy/etheric body floats out of the body and there it stays. It should return to its physical body to heal. I is necessary to wrap a womb of love and healing around it and bring it back into the body with unconditional love..


What causes soul loss?

The reasons for soul loss vary widely, we can not list all the causes.  Some of the reasons why part of the soul will leave the body will differ from one person to another such as: 

 Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a child or adult.

 Death of a child, parent, or close friend.

 Co-dependent relationships - where one has unconsciously given a part of one's soul to another - say, in a parent/child or intimate relationship.

 Loss of a husband, wife, lover or friend - through death, or divorce or separation.

 Sudden and unexpected loss of a job or career.

 A sudden accident resulting in physical trauma, pain or sudden onset of a debilitating disease.

 Exposure to shocking or extremely stressful physical or psychological conditions or events - for example, witnessing a murder, serving in a war, undergoing chemical or radiation therapy.

Symptoms - Here are a few of the symptoms that are common to loss of a piece of the soul

 Loss of vitality or passion about life.

 Depression, listlessness, or a feeling that something is missing in life.

 Difficulty with focusing attention on the task at hand.

 An overly active mind - inability to control a continuous, random stream of thoughts - which often leads to insomnia or nightmares.

 Addictions to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco as a means of escape.

 Loss of memory about a period of your life.

 Unhealthy or unnecessary compulsions - such as excessive use of the Internet, television, drugs, alcohol ie any substance abuse or media abuse which causes the energy of non-reality.

 Recurring thoughts about dying, or suicidal fantasies.

 A sense of multiple personalities showing up under different conditions.

 Disconnection, or disassociation leading to feelings like the world is passing by without  you, or unusually selfish behaviour, or a sense of wondering or not knowing why you're alive.

 Chronic feelings of shame, low self esteem, or lack of self-confidence. 

All of these symptoms cause illness and disease and need treatment.

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