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Energy Healing

Are you STRESSED? Are you DEPRESSED? Are you EMOTIONAL? Are you finding it HARD to communicate? Do you have a problem motivating yourself? Have you been injured? Are you recovering from an operation? Are you suffering pain and NOTHING seems to relieve the PAIN? Are you always getting colds and flu?Are you STRESSED? Are you DEPRESSED? Are you EMOTIONAL? Are you finding it HARD to communicate? Do you have a problem motivating yourself? Have you been injured? Are you recovering from an operation? Are you suffering pain and NOTHING seems to relieve the PAIN? Are you always getting colds and flu? If so book a healing appointment

Book a healing appointment if you need it for HEALTH reasons, to RELAX as if you would for a massage or to enhance your HEALTH and FITNESS routine. Also all types of animals can be treated as I have qualifications to do so.

Healing helps us make energetic shifts within the complications, problems, difficulties, twists, turns, entanglements and intricacy of our karma from past, present and future lives. We accrue good and bad karma through the deeds we do. This karma is taken into account everyday, and not only on death as some may think. As Archangel Michael says "Always strive to be a good person." And by this he means by doing this we reduce our bad karma from past, present and future lives and we build up good karma for our present and future lives.

In healing the Divine Spirit and Divine entities such as Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael have the power to shift and raise the vibration of the client and manipulate the client's  energy field for the purpose of healing. It can not be estimated or stated how long it will take to heal, some healings are immediate and others take a period of time. Each case is different.

Treatments heal your past, present and future and release the client's blocks and access the client's power to heal. It also gives guidance to the client's soul. Our soul is programmed to bring us happiness and sometimes through illness happiness cannot be obtained.

Client's may seek energy healing for neck, back, shoulder, leg and/or arm pain, pinched/trapped nerves, spinal misalignments, muscle sprains/pain, bulging discs, joint pain, hip pain, scoliosis as well as illness, injury, emotional pain or they are just seeking wellness. The healing energies sink into the known and unknown parts of the client's body system first going to the parts of the body that need healing the most. Once healing has been received it is important for the client to take responsibility for the progress and rest. This lets the healing energy continue to flow around the body and through their entire system.

As I know many healing systems I will  use what I feel is necessary for your treatment - everyone is different - therefore each treatment is tailor made to suit the client.

Along with energies directly channelled by God I often include Angel Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Divine Source Healing and many of the other healing systems that I have qualified for, all these systems are from Source.

Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a complementary therapy without any side effects. No specific religious or spiritual beliefs are required. Similarly, healing recognises no distinction of race, class, gender or religion. Therefore have a look through my qualification page where you can choose the type of healing you would like.


Benefits of DNA healing can range from allergy relief and increased energy to better relationships and renewed life purpose. Since DNA regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, the possibilities are endless!

Our past lives affect us

31.December 2009  in shopping centre in London
Past life viewing. A man died in a past life by being killed with a spear. I could see that it was made of dark wood and was stuck right into his back. The archangel angels pointed him out to me and they said that he would be affected in this life by the pain he received when this happened. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013 Archangel Raguel
15.08 during a meeting I was holding on communicating with the seraphim angels, Seraphim Raguel came through to me and told me that he knew me from 1940-1942 as an angel of healing. He knew because I was a healer in my angel life.

Genetic Past Lives

Genetics give us our characteristics ie colour of eyes, colour of hair, temperaments and so on. But this genetic system also includes the genetics of our past lives. I was taught once on a healing workshop to heal up to the 9th past life genetic family. These will then 'fall away' and other genetic families will appear.

I believe in 'eternal genetics'. These genetic codes are in our cell memory and our cell memory is always with us stored in our soul. We draw on these memories for our daily living.

caduceus the symbol of medicine and healing




How the Healing Energies are Channelled to You When You Take a Healing Appointment

When understanding that everything is made of energy and that the mind connects as one, remote healing is just as powerful as it is in person. Every thought has a frequency, and when we think matching thoughts, our mind connects to the frequencies of those matching thoughts. Thoughts are like magnets clicking together; therefore, distant or remote healing is not considered by many as distant or remote, but considered as it would be person to person because our thoughts are connecting with the same intention - the sending and receiving of the healing energies.

These energies are channelled directly to the person, or an animal that is ill, as each person or animal has a universal ID that is kept throughout their eternal life.

The healing energies will link to the person through this universal ID no matter where they are in the world. Or if your appointment is in person the same energies will be channelled through me, either hands on or by you sitting next to me as the healing I carry out is advanced quantum healing.

What is Healing?

We all have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in body, mind, spirit and soul. The purpose of energy healing is to enhance, empower and assist our ability so that the we may find our own point of balance. I or any other healer acts as the channel for the healing energies in order to help bring this about.

Healing is not a magic wand that can make all well. Anyone taking a healing needs to start from the point of acceptance, yes there is something that needs to be healed, after all every day living brings blockages to the system in many different ways. For instance if you have an argument, even if it is a minor one, you are tense and emotional. This blocks the free flow of energy in your body. If this happens frequently, your system is blocked even more. These blockages causes disease or dis-easse.

Therefore healing is a process that involves your commitment to want to heal. The healer is an instrument and a channel for healing energy.

 A willingness to change is the fundamental requirement in the healing process. No guarantee can or will be made about the outcome of healing.

 In December 2009 I became an angel which giving a healing to a client. Archangel Michael was telling me to channel through the energies of love through to my client, as I did this I saw myself in the most beautiful form with a veil covering my head. I had become an angel and we were all working a quantum space were we seemed to be in a hospital in a church. The quantum space went back a few centuries where I had been an angel working in a church hospital.

When I carry out Divine healing or any other healing there is no wall to restrict me. I am in a quantum healing space where there are no restrictions. If it is Divine Source or Angel Reiki healing I am with God and the Seraphim angels in a space that know no time or distance. The energy is an energy of pure love and healing. We discuss what my client requires and then God and the archangels channel healing through me and directly to my client.

 If I am carrying out Usui Reiki, Shamanic healing etc then Dr Usui in spirit, and the shamans I work with in spirit are with me and we once again discuss what is required and then give the healing.

From my diary: There were 7 golden figures around my client and I saw myself above his bed looking down at the scene as I sent healing. God was at the top of the bed, Jesus was to the right and the figures were archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Seraphael the seraphim angels in fact Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael are also Seraphim angels. Their hands were stretched over my client as they sent golden healing energies in to his body.

The client does not need to remove any clothing although they are asked to wear something that they can relax in as the energies will run through their system. They are also asked to remove any jewellery, belts and inform the healer if they have any medical conditions and if a pacemaker fitted.

Remote/Distant healing by Skype

Archangel Michael's healing rays beaming down on a client of mine who was receiving distant healing.

She after 3 treatments she no longer has the starting of MS she has gone back to work and no longer has a carer.

Distant/Remote Healing

Once you have booked an appointment

Once you have booked your appointment you will be able to call in the healing energies as directed by following the instructions on this link


Your Healing will be placed in a Cosmic Healing Bank

Healing across time and space The Cosmic Healing Bank is a unique concept of a place where healings and blessings can be stored. If someone requests energy in the form of a healing to be sent to them some time in the future, this healing may be deposited in the Cosmic Healing Bank and called upon at any time. The healer can place the healing in the Bank stating the precise time and day that it is to be activated, at which time the recipient simply requests it from the Cosmic Healing Bank.

Distant/ Remote healing is also refer to as absentee healing and simply request that the healing is placed in the Cosmic Healing Bank for and in the name of the recipient with the time and date to be received. The time can be set as to be called in at anytime of day that you can link to the Cosmic Healing Bank.

You can also program the Bank to send the healing energy at the time the recipient is falling asleep at night.

If you can not make it for the appointed time you may call in the energies any time within 24 hours after the appointment time.

Relax at home and receive these wonderful healing energies which are not harmful and work in the background.

Like a spiritual doctor these energies work our life purpose, relationships, world events, and more, leading you to a less stressful life and the clearing of the mind in order to allow the right answers to come to us.  

These healing energies awaken our Divine self love. We should love ourselves more and when we do, we receive more love in return guiding us to what is right for us.

The healing energies should be repeated as often as one can. Every day we are exposed to the thoughts of others no matter where we are. Often these are negative thought patterns. It is very easy to be negative, staying positive takes work - but once you make it a habit being positive becomes easier then being negative.  Love yourself enough to care about who you are and what you do.

Nearly all illnesses, if not all illnesses are due to emotions and mental stresses.
These stresses have to be healed in order for you to return a healthy mind, body, spirit and soul in other words your CORESELF/ TRUE SELF!


Energy healing unblocks all those stresses that life brings and allows the body energy to flow freely thus bringing healing.


(all appointments are private and confidential and follow a strict code of ethics and will be carried out in person, by Skype or distant healing)

Cynthia Angela and her horse Lady Blue. Taken in Cape Town South Africa 1989. We came third in a Gymkhana at the stables in 1989; you can see how proud we both are of our achievement.

Animals, no matter what size they are, can also receive healing as
they also have life force energy and so does everything that is living.


The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words “Rei”, which
means “God's Wisdom”
or “The Higher Power”
and “Ki” which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is really “God’s wisdom and guided life force energy”. 
This is what the Reiki symbol
stands for.

God (the Creator) channels healing through all those who are Reiki healing practitioners, and through many healers using different healing systems. Healers or healing practitioners are conduits, they are not actually healing the person themselves but they are a Divine channel for healing life force energy.

Reiki was channelled by God to
Dr Usui the founder of Reiki when on Mt Kurama and as all Reiki is has a bases of Usui Reiki this will also be used.


Cynthia Soal
Live a Life that Matters

Archangel Michael blue eyes looking at me.

When I woke up from meditation I saw the most amazing clear blue eyes looking at me - it was Archangel Michael. 

Archangel Raphael -
the Healer works on a green ray of healing light.

Raphael works closely with doctors, surgeons, healers, complimentary therapists, and any professions involved in healing others, either mentally, emotionally or physically.  

Archangel Raphael will be one of the angels working through my hands with the Ascended Masters and God..

This sacred symbol is for healing the heart using Isis Seichim Reiki Practitioner Degree (Advanced),
 only a qualified healer can use this symbols which I do when you book an appointment for this healing system through me, Cynthia Angela

This sacred symbol from Money Reiki is used  dissolves negativity.

 Only a qualified healing practitioner in Money Reiki can use this symbols which I do when you book an appointment for this healing system through me, Cynthia Angela



Peacock/Peahen - Beauty, watchfulness, immortality. All aspects of beauty, immortality, ability to see into the past, present, and future, dignity, self-confidence, rising out of ashes.

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