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Divine Soul Plan

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Divine Soul Plan Readings and Healings

We all  have a Divine soul plan that we arranged before we were born. Our Divine soul plan should bring us happiness in all things. If we are not happy then there is something wrong and it could be that changes have to be made according to our Divine soul plan. The energies around us start breaking down in order to bring us new experiences. Life is not constant; it is an ever-evolving universe and we are evolving with it. All the situations on earth are not perfect, this is what we have to learn, acceptance is a great healer. Once we have accepted situations as they  are we can then begin to heal.

When we were spirits we observed what was possible to learn on earth when we are reborn. And we discovered what type of career we would be able to have according to the qualifications we may or may not be able to obtain. I was the Head of an Information Technology Department in an international business college in London. I was made redundant and a year after that the college was sold. My new career is now my writing, spiritual and healing work. It is a completely different career and both careers have brought me much enjoyment. Twenty-thirty years ago, I lived in South Africa and before then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Each time I had to change, as I said life is not constant, changes do take place over the years.

There might be lessons we need to learn for our education such as taking evening or weekend classes to learn new hobbies or careers, to learn how to play a musical instrument or travel to learn about the history and geography of places that we may have studied at school.  It is very important to our soul to bring us happiness, and the happiness should be in the lessons that we learn, ie how to play a musical instrument, what we need  for our enjoyment such as going on holiday, attending a wedding, going to a concert

It is not always possible to follow our Divine soul plan exactly as global events for instance, may divert us from what we had planned and that is when you need healing for what has not been completed or for a new direction to be set..

These plans are imprinted into our memory as we choose them. This is like an architectural blue print of a building where we design what we would like to build. It is intended to have us evolve to a higher consciousness and once again become part of God, the Divine Source which our human personality may not know our soul does.

Before we were born we also made arrangements with other souls in order to meet them in certain situations such as family members, friends or colleagues . Our Divine soul plan decides the destiny and goals we will strive towards and brings with it knowledge and wisdom that will help us through our life. Any bad experiences will teach us that it is best to bring forward what is best for our highest good. Life was never meant to be a struggle therefore, we need to look into where we can improve and with these improvements bring joy to ourselves rather then negativity.

Everyone is different and we all have different lessons to learn for our evolution. We are eternal beings and the lessons we learn, and the choices we make, are to bring ourselves to a higher consciousness of love, peace, understanding, growth, integrity, acceptance, maturity and wisdom. As our lives progress, we may need to change some of the plans that we have made. We  may have to leave situations and people behind in order for our evolution to take place. And if so, it will be one of the lessons we will have to learn. When we chose what we would like to do, it might not have been appropriate for the development of our consciousness, this we will find out as we live our lives.

If our choices leave us wondering if there is more to life, or if we have a feeling of emptiness or think that we have something else to do but do not know what it is, we need to see what parts of our life are not flowing. What parts seem stuck? Or are we totally off our life path?

We may have shut out information that is vital to our soul. We  may not even know that we are doing it. That is why it is very necessary for us  to know what our  plans were before we were born.

Are you one of these people, in order to find out ask yourself these questions:

bulletDo you feel you have lost direction in life and do not know what to do or why you are here? Yes/No
bulletDo you have a sense that there is something more for you in this life time? Yes/No
bulletDo you want to find out more about what you had planned before you were born? Yes/No
bulletDo you want to know if you have followed your Divine soul plan? Yes/No
bulletDo you want healing for the choices on your Divine soul plan that you have not be able to fulfil? Yes/No
bulletDo you want healing for your Divine soul plan in order to either amend part of your plan or heal what you have been though since being born. Yes/No.

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions then you need to book a person to person appointment through Skype with Cynthia Angela.

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