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About Cynthia Angela

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Ascended Master, Seraphim Angel and Divine Prophet Cynthia Angela Soal

Divine Appointment by God

Healing, Love, Peace, Faith, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Crystals, Spiritual Growth, Divine Magic, Trust, Manifestation and Protection 

In 2009 I was working on finding myself and who I am. God and I talked of ascended masters, all the time he acknowledged me with higher wisdom, discussing my life path and asking me what I would like to do. I wanted to carry on with my spiritual path, he visited me often and then said to me in 2009 "you need to place Ascended Master before you name." 

It was such a special moment  and it is one of the greatest honours. To be an ascended master appointed by God while living in human form is very special and to describe how it feels, it feels like pure love. 

He was discussing with me the fact that he would like me to be an ascended master and then he said to me "Cynthia, I am making you an Ascended Master." In 2003 when he had spoken to me he said I will always know his voice. I was very happy about this as I felt safe and that was part of myself becoming a direct channel for him. 

There are many past lives that I have completed that could have brought me to this status but it is only in recent times people have started to study the ascended masters and work with them personally. 

You will find that I have written a little here of my personal experiences with the ascended masters, there is so much to write about them being with me that I am placing my thoughts and feelings in my evidence book in order for the evidence to be published. I encourage all of you to honour your spirit and write your evidence down stating the Day, Date and Time of the happening as it took place. Keep an open mind as we did live before this birth and we could have been anyone.

It is fantastic to look back at your evidence after a while and think 'wow, did that really happen', it makes me feel very proud and very privileged to be working with the Angels and Divinity. They want all of us to be enlightened therefore, please work with them too.

Pure love and gratitude,


To read more about the ascended masters that I have been attuned to see my other website   www.cynthiasoal.com 

About Cynthia Angela

My Origins

I was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) which was then Southern Rhodesia. Since then I have lived in Cape Town, South Africa, and the UK where I am a UK citizen. I am also resident in Spain. I was trained in London and I operate my business internationally.

Since birth my birth God gave me the most special angels to be my guardian angels, Seraphim/Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. They led me to the knowledge that I am one of God's highest angels along with them, a seraphim angel and an angel of Atlantis. Seraphim angels are often called archangels when working on earth. I have had many experience with God and the angels some of which are recorded on my websites and in books that I am writing.

I am able able to see universal energies which show the most amazing metaphysical, mystical and Divine elements of life that are hidden from many until they decide to use their natural gifts of seeing once more. I can connect to them by hearing, seeing and feeling these energies which form visions, pictures, symbols and emotions to relay messages to me. I am also capable of seeing these energies on TV, in video clips and in photographs, or receiving them by listening to sound of voice or any other sound. This includes seeing and talking to power animals/animal spirit guides, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, dragons, animals, birds, marine life and plant spirits.

Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy which tries to understand the basic nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. A study of existing and the "extension of knowing". When we are born as human we concentrate on being human for our physical life. As we grow so our mind grows, the inner knowing of being more human comes to us and we start asking questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What is life all about?”, and “Surely there is more to life?” Our soul has the knowledge of this and it begins guiding us to find the knowledge of ourselves in all dimension of reality.

I decided to discover these other dimensions of reality or what I call dimensions of normal existence as we exist there anyway. By experiencing them myself I felt that I gained even more knowledge and that is what I ask you to do. Do not enslave yourself to others opinions not even mine, go out and discover for yourself and form your own opinion. Ours is an ever evolving universe and the more we learn the more we evolve, nothing stays the same, consciousness is shifting all the time giving us new information and allowing our minds to expand.

Studying Reiki and Other Healing Systems

I started studying Reiki in 2005 after having had a horse riding accident in 1995.

I can still remember my bottom lifting off the saddle as I went flying through the air, I then I hit my head on the railings with my wrist hitting the fencing. With the force of the pressure broke my arm near the top of the shoulder the bone in to small pieces that looked like a jigsaw puzzle.

I landed with a crash onto my bottom directly on the coccyx and damaged my sciatic nerve on my left side. The injuries I received from the accident were very painful. It left me with very big bruises, covered with sand as I fell into the sand covered arena.

I was told the break at the top of my arm could not be placed in a plaster cast and my arm had to hang in a sling so that the weight of my arm could pull the pieces of bone down and into place. By doing this the pieces of bone could grow together again and heal.

The top of my arm at the ball and socket 'froze' in a position where there was hardly any space between the two so they were scraping together causing pain. There wasn't anything that the doctors could do other then give me a quarterzone injection between the two. I had that once but then I decided to crry on with my healing. I still get some pain but not as much as I used to and I can now sleep for a while on my left and right side where as before I could only sleep on my back because of the pain.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael were with me at the hospital, I could hear them and see them around me. We spoke about others waiting there and now I know more about them doing healing then I did at that time, I know that they were speaking about the others they would have been helping and healing everyone else in the hospital at the same time. This accident left me in a lot of pain, not only from breaking my arm but emotionally and mentally as I needed to continue to go to work and teach my students computing, plus all the other work that went with my job as an Information Technology Instructor.

I had years of extremely bad headaches and pain where I would spend nights sitting on the couch in the lounge unable to move although having to go to work the next morning. And remembering back to those days the archangels were always with me comforting me, especially when I was so ill with pain that I would feel nauseous which resulted in vomiting from the pain. I could hear their loving voices around me as I sat there waiting for the morning when it was time to go to work. With their love and healing I always managed to get to work.

A friend with healing hands had given me a treatment which eased one of the very bad headaches that I was getting. I had heard of spiritual healing and energy healing but her treatment actually gave me the experience I needed in order for me to understand what it was.

In 2000 I looked for help in the energy healing field alongside modern medicine with the guidance of Archangel Michael 5 years of pain. I heard a Reiki Healer talking on the radio about Reiki healing and then I heard a very loud powerful voice tell me to book an appointment with her. it was the voice of Archangel Michael and I immediately phoned the radio station to get her details.

After finding that Reiki helped me a great deal I continued having treatments for one and a half years. First of all I had one appointment a week, and then as I improved I had one every two weeks. I continued with the treatment eventual taking appointments only when I needed them and as I progressed I found that my medical appointments brought a reduction in medicine which was reduced to a muscle relaxant to be taken when needed.

Energy healing is not like taking medication, it works on the body’s energy field clearing away the blocked energy which causes pain, illnesses and disease (dis-ease). The length of healing depends on the amount of blocked energy a person has. Some people may think it is not working for them but it works in the background making subtle changes improving a person’s health. These treatments not only work on the present day problems but problems that are from past lives and future lives.

I then decided with the guidance of Archangel Michael to study Reiki and I then went on working through the levels of Reiki to obtain the highest qualifications in Reiki which is Reiki level 18.

Many of the energy healing practitioners I have met are people who have themselves had illnesses and were treated successfully by energy healing.

Notes of evidence of my taking one of my advanced healing workshop in 2007

I had a serious horse riding accident and suffered pain for over 12 years.  I looked everywhere for healing which eventually lead me to Reiki. I became more and more interested in different methods of healing. I attended the basic workshop and discovered a wonderful way to open up to energy, the life force energy that is contained in every one of us. The energy that gives us life, to put it plainly. I looked at my shoulders before going on the workshop as I had a shoulder and arm injury and left my shoulder was lower then the right shoulder. During the workshop we practiced on each other I asked the other students to concentrate on sending energy to that part of my body. The day after the workshop I actually heard the bones in my left arm and shoulder 'crack' and move back in to place. After the 'crack' my shoulders have just about returned to their normal position.

I have never looked back since and keep an open mind to the amazing possibilities that quantum healing brings.

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