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Core Self the self that you should be!

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Seraphim Angel
Cynthia Angela
a highly qualified professional advanced grandmaster healing practitioner who God works through. And not only God but the Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels and many other Divine deities.
She also has the ability to see inside the body for healing purposes.

Formally with a
Psychic TV Channel
in the UK and a lecturer/professor in spiritual
healing modalities, and natural health. In ancient times, some oracles/clairvoyants were originally Priests or Priestesses who possessed the gift of vision.

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please read disclaimer (includes code of ethics)  before booking an appointment

Energy healing should always be taken as complementary medicine and should not take the place of modern medicine when required.


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Illness and disease

* Illness happens when the mind, body soul and spirit become unbalanced. True wellness is reached only by returning the entire being to harmony and balance with itself and with the earth and the universe. We begin healing by finding our desire to be well and whole.

one of the highest qualified Reiki Practitioners in the world - a Reiki Grand Master Level 18, many Reiki healers study to
 level 2 or 3 at the highest **

Make an appointment to:

* Dissolve away blockages that cause pain, disease (dis-ease) or emotional and mental illness

* Break through limitations that hold you back

* Remove the limiting thought patterns that keep you from making new choices and being successful in your life.

* Disturbances, imbalances, blockages in any part or layer of the aura or the chakras ”precipitate” into the physical body, leading to emotional or physical dis-ease, fatigue and stress.

* All of the healing systems I use have the ability to accelerate your spiritual evolution and the potential to enhancing future incarnations.

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Author: Cynthia Angela Soal
From the book titled: soon to be re-published, not available at the moment. For more about Archangela visit 


Archangela is an informative and interesting autobiography and experiences of seraphim/archangel Cynthia Angel formally also called Seraphim Michael, the same as God's first angel Seraphim Michael. Many angels are named after famous angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, *soon to be republished*.


I was crossing Kingsway with Archangels Gabriel and Michael in 2008 on my way back to work as we had been to Lincoln’s Inn Fields at lunchtime. As we stepped onto the pavement, Archangel Gabriel said “Look up and you will see something of interest.”
As I looked up, I saw four beautiful statues of archangels to either side of the doorway of a building which had kept its facade of a church; it had been renovated a few years previously. They stood there in peace behind the leaves of the large trees on the side of the pavement, hidden from the summer sun. Their greyness after so many years of traffic pollution had virtually concealed them from sight. We stood there looking at them amazed at what Archangel Gabriel had just shown us...



Cynthia Angela Soal

(Angel Cynthia Angela

A Seraphim/Archangel, an Angel of Atlantis.
Directly appointed by God the Divine Source as a Divine Prophet,
Ascended Master and Divine Channel.
Author, Artist, Photographer, Spiritual Teacher,
Certified Associate Healing Practitioner/Teacher accredited to teach and give healing in various energy healing systems, and create healing systems.
Reiki Grand Master Level 18 Healing Practitioner/Teacher. Natural Spiritual Healer,
Psychic Surgeon, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Telepath,
Dream Interpreter, Medium, Mystic and Shaman.

Accredited Associate member of the
Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches

To make an appointment please email

please read disclaimer (includes code of ethics)  before booking an appointment

Available soon

watch for date of publication date of ARCHANGELA

Animals can also receive healing as they also have life force energy and so does everything that is living.


The horse is a very special animal, it symbolises drive, passion and an appetite for freedom.


Lady Blue and I in
Cape Town, South Africa
She came 3rd in a Gymkhana at the stables in 1989.

Animals respond to love; you can see how proud we both are.



WARNING: I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on my websites or through attunement in my workshops and by those who I attune.

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Parrot teaches listening to all of nature and awakening to the language within using intuition for more open communications. They bridge understanding and will show you a deeper subtle harmony inherent in all things. Parrots show intelligence, good temperament and a sense of diplomacy.


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